Cooling tower anti-icing measures


Anti-icing measures:

1.    Countermeasures for icing on the tower wall and around the tower.

Ø   Strictly control the construction quality to ensure that there is no water leakage on the tower wall;

Ø   The pool is expanded by 1.5m to prevent water droplets from splashing outside the tower.The test shows that when the water droplets fall to the water surface from a height of 5m, the outer splash radius is 1.5m, and the expansion of the pool by 1.5m can effectively prevent the water droplets from splashing outside the tower;

Ø   The beam in the pool is lowered by 500mm, so that the top surface of the beam is lower than the water surface to prevent water splashing.

Ø   The water collector adopts the patented three-dimensional four-fold water collector, and the water collection efficiency is lower than 0.0005%, which eliminates the water droplets wrapped in the air out of the tower, and solves the freezing phenomenon on the top platform and surrounding areas of the tower;

2.     Countermeasures for icing of air inlet beams.

Ø   The lower end of the air inlet beam is designed with an internal bevel, so that the water droplets pour into the tower when they fall;

Ø   When it is particularly cold, the fan can be reversed for a short time (generally no more than 20min).

Ø   The patented volute-type nozzle makes the water distribution more uniform and prevents the inside of the filler from freezing;

In addition, our company will send professional technicians to conduct special winter operation technical training for cooling tower operators to fundamentally solve the freezing problem of cooling tower operation in winter.

3.    Countermeasures for Pipeline Frozen.

Ø   In the design, the main pipe and the lower part of the branch pipe of the water distribution system are equipped with sprinklers to prevent the accumulation of water in the pipeline during shutdown and the sedimentation of sludge in the pipeline during operation.There is no sludge precipitation in the water distribution pipeline, avoiding the trouble of manual cleaning of the water distribution pipeline, and eliminating the hidden danger of freezing the water distribution pipeline when parking;

Ø   The upper water pipe of the cooling tower is also equipped with a vent valve and a bypass pipe. When the cooling tower is out of operation in winter, the water in the pipe can be emptied or the circulating water can be directly entered into the cooling tower pool as needed.

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